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Some dude on reddit posted a while ago that he did hundreds

Say you get one rune each time you complete a lost sector and don't get an exotic--maybe two if you don't die. Each one increases your drop chance by 10% when slotted in, except for number seven which guarantees a drop on your next completion. But any in your belt get wiped out whenever an exotic piece drops.Lost sector drop rate? Is anyone else having trouble getting the exotic from legend lost sectors? I know it's a smaller drop rate, but I've been trying for weeks and I never get a legendary reward. It's definitely the right difficulty, I'm just not getting them. ... Are you killing all Champs it also low drop rate some people go 20 runs with ...

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I've done 20 legend lost sectors in a row all within 6-9 min and I've gotten platinum rank everytime and still no drop. This is pissing me off. Bungie can SUCK MY DICK. Raise the fucking drop rates! Like fuck bro! This is ridiculous! They said they Increased the drop rates but that's a bunch of bullshit.I was running legend lost sectors today (not master) and while the average exotic drop rate is lower (~25%) I was getting cores left and right as well. I got several legendary, no rares, and occasionally nothing. Though that might been caused due to lag/delay as the pop up for champ rewards:platinum would show up 5-7 seconds later.If it takes you 3 minutes to do legend and 8 to do master then master is not worth it. If it takes 4 minutes to do legend and 4:20 to do master then master is better. Master lost sectors do have a higher drop rate, but because legend can be run much faster it works out to be faster to farm legend instead of master.How Lost Sectors' Drop Rates of Exotics Should Improve A big change has to be made to the whole experience of farming Lost Sectors , as it is possibly the worst …People do report drought of 20+ legend lost sectors before an exotic. But on the long run, the drop rate is estimated to be around 20%. Reply reply. xVamplify. •. Ive gotten the new exotics basically from doing one lost sector. Usually if I'm farming rolls I'll get exotics every 4 or 5 runs. Sometimes more sometimes less.This guide covers all the exclusive Lost Sector Exotics and their rotation system to farm Exotics in general. Updated as of Season of the Wish (S23). Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Exotic: Armor rewardsIt's a simple binomial distribution. The odds of getting AT MOST 1 drop is the sum of the odds of getting no drops and odds of getting exactly 1 drop. Odds of 0 drops: (1-.25) 40 = .0000156 Odds of 1 drop: 40 * .25 * (1-.25) 39 = .000134. So it's .000144, more or less. Or 0.0144%.I shouldn’t say this but the last three weeks I’ve gone 1/1 on each. That's how it has normally gone for me I ran one last night 4 times and 3 out of the 4 I hot exotics. Every day someone complains about lost sector drop rates and every day we tell you it's RNG. STOP. This is exactly why I don't ever run those things.the big one that i'm sure most people are here for: estimated exotic drop rate for solo platinum completions: legend: 31% (based on 356 clears) master: 39% (based on 569 clears) those are definitely better than prior to the march 2023 patch. lost sectors offer more rewards, and i started tracking these somewhat later in the season, but there's ...I've spent an hour or two farming legend lost sectors with zero drops. Way back in beyond light, I remember that it was around a 25% drop rate, but I've done well over two dozen clears on legend with zero exotic drops. Did bungie nerf the drop rate? Who knows, they didn't say they did though, so probably not. Many people have been in your shoes ...Lost sector drop rates . I've been farming scavengers den for almost 2 hours, got like 5 exotics but not the new legs of season 14. makes no sense every last time I have farmed for the new exotics I've got them first run was I just extremely lucky or are they bugged atm?The lost sector yesterday was pretty manageable did my one flawless solo needed for the rank and it took maybe 15 mins and then did 5 more all ranging from 6-8 mins on my 1815 strand warlock with leviathan's breath and got 3 exotics so they seem to be dropping fairly often for the difficulty level, but on the other side of the argument I do ...Season 23 - legend lost sector exotic drop rate. I thought that Bungie said that in new season exotic drop rate for legend lost sector is 70% and for master 100%. I did today 10 times legend lost sector and I didn't get any exotic...Lost sector Exotics . Hello Boys, Looking for some help understanding the srop rates for the lost sectors. I have a decent drop rate but I always get the 3/4 same exotics and they all are exotics that were release quit recently. Did lost sectors always say rare/common on legend/master mode? I haven't seen a comprehensive farm post-lightfall to compare drop rates to the supposed ~25%/+% we used to have. from what ive heard its 25% on legend and 30% on master. pretty sure you can rerun campaign on legend for the exotic. The drop rates seem really stingy. ... WYea, there is something funky going on with Master lost sectors. R What is today's Legend and Master Lost Sector? Note: The schedule for Season of the Wish changes daily for which location can drop exotics, and what type of armour that can be rewarded. We have an ... Within a 30 day period, I ran each legendary l Yea, there is something funky going on with Master lost sectors. RNG and all that, but I've been keeping a log of drops and preliminarily it looks like the drop rate is something like 10 to 15% with a bias towards certain (older) exotics regardless of whether you are doing a master or legendary lost sector.Legend should have like a 30% drop rate and master should be like 45% but instead knowing bungie it’s 19% and 21%. . ... precious scars, necrotic and dawn chorus. Only place to get them is the lost sectors. I DID another 10-15 runs today and got another astrocyte verse, an enhancement core every 4-5 runs if lucky,, and herealways pieces as ... TLDR- Average run time was 2:38, I had deaths

I got my first exotic from a lost sector. Nah, it's RNG based, but only if you get Platinum I believe. Score, no. Well not exactly. If you don't kill all champions and get a "platinum" score you absolutely won't get an exotic. If you do get "platinum" it's a 25% or 33% drop rate for legend or master respectively.A 14% chance of getting the exotic you want, on top of the low drop chance Master Lost Sectors have, and who knows if it will have the stats you want. Then we get into some of the other categories of armor and the classes have a 1 in 8 chance, or 12.5%, for some of their armor. Some others are a 1 in 10 chance.Guides. Destiny 2 Lost Sector rotation schedule: What is the Legend and Master Lost Sector today? How to find the highlighted Lost Sector for unique Exotic loot. Guide by Justin Koreis...Drop rate in legendary and master lost sectors. Discussion. I completed a legendary lost sector 10 times in the first week (last week) and got 3 exotic drops. Earlier this week, it …It took me 4 legend runs and 2 more Master runs to finally get an exotic helmet today and even in the past I've done 5+ legends looking for an exotic drop and had no luck so I've always just gotten bored and given up.

Bungie.net is the Internet home for Bungie, the developer of Destiny, Halo, Myth, Oni, and Marathon, and the only place with official Bungie info straight from the developers. Of all the runs, I've received tons of exotic helmets but only 2 Dawn Chorus'.3-6 runs per exotic drop is fine, just increase the rate in which one of the seasonal exotics drop over older ones, since the sectors are the only place you can currently get them. …

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. So I ran like 5 master lost sectors on there. Didn'. Possible cause: No. Farming exotics from legend/master lost sectors only works with solo runs. L.

Drop rates being bugged ONLY for certain players would be very weird. But not impossible, there was a time where raids stopped giving raid rewards because of a server desync issue. Maybe that could be happening here, but that would only have a chance to affect ONE lost sector when you load into it. I really doubt anything is bugged with the system.Yeah if your engrams are full, the exotic drop from a solo lost sector will go to the postmaster. When you open it, it'll give you the rewards that the current day's Master Lost Sector. You can use this to farm solo lost sector exotics and save them until the armor slot you want is the current Master LS. 2. Reply.

Legend is about 25%, Master is about 35%. You're better off going through Legend, the increased drop rate of Master isn't worth how much longer it takes to get through it. do legend... switched back to legend.. got the other missing exotic arms on the first run.Legends will be easier, Masters have a better "chance" at a drop. You have to weigh time vs reward. If it takes 2-3 times longer to run a Master over a Legend and or you have a higher chance of failure, just run the Legend. You should get a drop around 10-20 runs on average, but it could be as few as 2-3 runs if RNG really likes you.

I can assure you, it is not a common chance. Please Lost Sector Exclusive Exotics Have Bugged Drop Rates? I have done hundreds of legend lost sectors over the past month or two and my exotic drop rate has been great (I'm getting an exotic about every 3 runs) I was able to get the older exotics like dawn chorus, necrotic grip, etc. all pretty easily; however, for some reason I cannot get battle ... Legend Lost Sector rewards are heavily weighted towIt's time, Guardians, to get those Lost Sector Exotics in Master lost sectors have a drop rate of about 30% over time. That doesn't mean you'll get an exotic roughly 1 out of 3 runs, but over let's say 100 runs you would get 30. You could also get 25 runs in a row with nothing. The difference in drop rate between Legend and Master is about 25% becoming 33%, honestly not worth the hassle of farming ...Statistically, if we take those rates at face value (true rate may vary by a couple points, but is likely quite close), ten platinum Legend runs without a drop will happen about 6.4% of the time. i.e., approximately 1 out of every 15 sets of ten runs would result in 0 exotic drops. So your luck has been quite poor, but not improbably so. It's miserable enough that it takes me alm Destiny 2 rebalances Lost Sector loot and Commendation score. A clan that kept track of their drops noted that the average drop rate was previously around 25 per cent , meaning one Exotic per four runs. With the drop rate increase the drop rate went to a staggering number of 27 per cent. In other words, it is still one drop per four runs but ... Youre better off farming GMs, the drop rate fPublished Apr 2, 2023. A Destiny 2 clan calculates the recent 30 Nov 2023 ... Lost Sectors now drop DOUBLE PERKS | Mast 1320 lost sector exotic drop rate is broken. i only clear them with platinum and 10 runs nothing. NF weapon drops are even worse. i did 15 clears of 1320 (all with platinum and with the vanguard ghost mod equipped) before i got a NF weapon, and of course it had the absolute worst roll ever.I suggest reading Lost sector drop rates. All thanks and upvotes should go to the OP of that post. Super detailed analysis of exotic drop rates from 1600 lost sector completions with variables. Hopefully that provides a lot more clarity for guardians Happy reading! Master/GM Nightfalls have "common" exoti Most armor that drops from Master Lost Sectors will have 60+ stats, good distributions, and the armor has to drop in a certain slot. For example, if a Lost Sector says it drops leg armor that day, you can only get Exotic leg armor. Whenever you need some high-stat Exotic armor, start farming Master Lost Sectors. What do master Lost Sectors drop?Does someone have a spreadsheet on how the drop rates in Lost Sectors work? It says Exotics are common, I ran it like 6 times and didn't get shit. 😒… Legend should have like a 30% drop rate and ma[However, I did expect it to be a bit more balanced (I assumed the getting 0 exotics in 10 legend lost sectors is not a good drop rate. Did lost sectors always say rare/common on legend/master mode? I haven't seen a comprehensive farm post-lightfall to compare drop rates to the supposed ~25%/+% we used to have. from what ive heard its 25% on legend and 30% on master. pretty sure you can rerun campaign on legend for the exotic.